Suggested Locations

Not sure where you'd like your photo session to take place? Here are my favorite spots and what you can expect at these locations.

Have an idea for a photo location... just ask!

UNI South Trail

(UNI: Behind CEEE Building)

At this location: Wildflowers, prairie, trees, trails, bridge, creek, stone arch. Walking involved up to 1/2 mile.

Big Woods Lake

At this location: Bridge, lake, trails, pine trees, prairie, beautiful sunsets, wide open spaces.

Downtown Cedar Falls

At this location: Urban setting, brick walls in multiple colors, stairs, alleyways, beautiful stonework, doors, walkways and storefronts decorated seasonally.

Prairie Lakes

At this location: Lake, trails, bridge, unique tree, different elevation angles of view.

Hartman Reserve

At this location: Woods, trees, bridge & stairways, a great spot for Autumn sessions. (uneven surfaces for walking)

Biological Preserves

(UNI: Upland Forrest Trailhead) 

At this location: Wildflowers, prairie grass, beautiful sunsets. This location is great for late summer.

Petersen & Tietz

(Florist Shop)

At this location: Seasonal flowers & greenery. Great for kids & toddlers. This location is great at Christmas & Easter.


At this location: Brewery, urban, industrial, food & drinks. This location is great for families with older kids.

South Riverside Trail

(Between South Hackett & Pheiffer Park) 

At this location: Trails, ponds, bridges & decks, trees. Walking involved up to 1 mile.

Downtown Waterloo

At this location: Urban, river, river walk, amphitheater, Youth Art Team Wall, 4th street covered bridge, splash pad, buildings, etc.

George Wyth

At this location: Trails, ponds, trees, wide open spaces, shelters. This location is great early May for the bluebells.

Your Choice!

I am willing to come to your house or a location of your choosing.